I finished the Narnia series! yay!

What started out as an 8-books-till-december challenge, paved the path for me to get in and out of Narnia 7 times.  In a true Narnian style, I chanced upon one of the books of the series, which was Prince Caspian, which led me into this whole world of Narnia and I ended up completing the entire series (of 7 books) – The Chronicles of Narnia. I would absolutely recommend this series to anyone – kids and adults alike.

When I posted about my reading progress of this series on social media, friends asked if I was reading this book for my child or for me. I would say what CS Lewis ( the author of The Chronicles of Narnia) used to say:

any story worth reading as a child is worth reading as an adult

Anyways, that brings the total books read this year to 10. I need to finish two more books to finish the revised goal of 12 books this year.

I have also been working on two other projects:

Knitting – Made this baby muffler for my little one.

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Secondly, the 28 days of Moon Project, which turns out to be more challenging that I thought it would be. More update on this on another day.

New project served with some throwback memory

It has been a long time since I started any project, that requires doing something on a daily basis. Last time I did that was last year when I did the 100 days of proverbs series, which went for 66 days before I got busy with work. So today I began a 28 days of moon project. As the name suggests I will try to take photos of the moon everyday for the next 28 days which is one lifecyle of the moon. That’s about the new project.


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Now to the #throwBack part. In 2009, I wanted to do this exact same project and at that time I had a Canon SX120, which I will still recommend to any budding photographer. I was visiting my friend Andy in Bangalore and over a cup of coffee around 11 PM, we decided that we should drive to Yercaud. I think it was my Alto or Andy’s, I don’t remember, we started around 12 midnight from Bangalore to Yercaud. On the way to Yercaud I had to stop and get a pic of the moon – that’s what triggered the #throwback. Anyways, we drove to Yercaud and reached at 4 AM. We were normally clothed in Jeans and a tee, we had no idea about the temperature at Yercaud. As always, we had not booked any place to stay, so we pulled over when we saw a hotel, Andy opened the door to get out. The cold!! It was freezing out there and windy too. The worst part about that cold was the shock factor, we had no idea  how cold it got out there while we sat in a warm car as we drove up the mountain. Anyways, we shut the door, sat in for a few moments and after preparing ourselves mentally got out of the car and then knocked a few hotel doors before we got a place to stay the night. The memories of travel! 🙂


What’s happening with the reading?

It’s been a little over a month since I last updated about my reading status. I started with the Narnia series last month and I’m happy to update that I have finished 5 books of the 7 book series. Though while waiting for the 3rd book to be delivered, I thought I will finish ‘The old man and the sea’. I couldn’t. Even though it’s a small book I just could not punish myself with it. I read two-thirds of the book and did not have the energy to go on. It’s really boring, about an old man going to fish and he gets the fish which takes him (and his boat) for a ride, forever. I believe it’s a joke played by the author, the book is the fish and reader is the old man. You will get it when you read it! But Don’t!

Coming back to the Narnia series – That’s a series I strongly recommend. I don’t think I will be reading the 6th book now, will read that later. I might stick to the original set of books and read ‘The chicken soup…’ one. Also, bought a new book ‘Grit’.

Coming back to the book challenge, I believe I wanted to finish 8 books in 8 months, and I have already finished 8 books. Yay! Hence disproving:

I read somewhere that if you have a goal and you share it with the world, then you won’t complete it. Let me see if I can prove that wrong. 😉

I’m resetting my goal to 12 books in 8 months (by Dec 2017). Let’s see if I can achieve that.