Amazon Prime Music launched in India – how to get it?

Amazon launched Amazon Prime Music in India recently. If you are an Amazon prime member you will have access to this, if you are not a prime member already, click here to learn about Amazon prime.

If you are a prime member, this is how you can have access to tens of millions of songs.

How to find Amazon Music in your account?

You login to your account and you will see ‘Your Music Library’ under ‘your orders’ dropdown like shown below.

Amazon Music homepage.

Amazon Music India Android Play store.

You can also find this app in the play store. Look for Amazon Music

amazon prime music android play store

BTW starting a new category on HOW TO’s 🙂



1. Read 11 books.
2. Blessed with a baby.
3. Got to visit two new countries.
Hull, England

Sri Lankasri lanka 4. Work is good.

I thank God for providing for all our needs.

1. Lost a family member to cancer.

Good choices/resolutions:
1. Less sugar.
2. No internet on mobile between 8 PM and 8 AM. This was the main reason I was able to read 11 books this year (actually just 8 months)

Spotted Munia

The scaly-breasted munia or spotted munia nests in our house every year. At least for the last two years. They usually come by around Aug-Oct and build their nest. This year they did the same. 2 out of 4 chicks survived. Interestingly, the little ones dont have the same pattern as the adult ones. The chicks are fully dark brown, whereas the adults have a beautiful scaly pattern on their underbelly.