New hobby – Jigsaw puzzle

I was at Hamilton toy shop, just browsing for some good board games and I chanced upon this Jigsaw puzzle and it occurred to me I had never done a jigsaw puzzle. It was a 500 piece puzzle for Rs. 650. I thought it was worth a try. I bought it.

The puzzle I bought was a picture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow.

Saint Basil's Cathedral, moscow jigsaw puzzle

I finished it in about 6 hours. But I absolutely enjoyed putting together those pieces.

So I got another one – 500 pieces of Venice. And here is a timelapse video of me putting it together. Hope you enjoy it.


A Scam by PayTM

Let me tell you what happened and you can judge whether it is fair in the part of PayTM to do this.

Here’s what happened.

A friend was supposed to transfer money to my wife. That friend made the transfer and the money was debited from her wallet. But it wasn’t credited to my wife’s wallet. Reading the FAQ page on paytm, because paytm support is horrible, we found out that we needed to go to a shop nearby and get our kyc confirmed to get our own money locked with payTM. Neither the friend nor my wife had their kyc verified.

My question to paytm was simple:

It’s a simple question. If the receiver’s kyc is not updated, then how long will you hold the money before crediting it back to the sender.

I repeatedly tweeted to paytm about how long they will hold the money before crediting back to the sender. It’s been 4 days and they refuse to give an answer.

Their goto reply seems to be – please check your DM. DM had nothing concrete, the usual ‘we have prioritized your query’, ‘we are looking into it’. It was a simple question and if they had nothing to hide, 1) they could have just posted a reply to the tweet without need to DM. 2) Why ask for contact details (which I provided and they said it was not reachable), why do they have to call me, it’s a simple question.

It’s been 4 days now, and no reply. This is also a matter of principle. I dont know how many poor souls PayTM has tricked to add their KYC document for the fear of losing money to PayTM. This is robbery. If money cant be transferred without KYC, then why debit the money from the sender account in the first place.

For KYC verification, they have linked with some local shops. How can we trust our important documents with just any shop. What if those shops collect our phone numbers and details and sell off for lead generation companies?!

Also this practice of PayTM that I questioned some months back didnt get any reply from them:


Isn’t it atrocious. This is bordering on being illegal.

Scam ka doosra naam, paytm!

Daddy long legs

daddy long legs novelSpoiler alert

Lovely book, at least the first 95% of it. I guess the ending is fine given the time the book was written. It’s an interesting read that gives insights into a Judy’s life in college, coming from a orphanage and  rooming with the elite. It is so well written that at times it felt unethical (seemed like reading someone else’s diary) :). I absolutely enjoyed reading the book and loved the parts where it gives a perspective of a child brought up in an orphanage. The things that others take for granted is such a luxury to some. I would have loved another ending but alas!

The ending I was hoping for:

DLL is actually a woman, Master Jervie’s mom, who wants to empower orphaned girls by providing education. (That would explain why DLL, shows interest in girls and sponsors only girls from this orphanage). And coincidentally the mom’s niece is the Pendleton who rooms with Judy. Jervie meeting Judy is a mere coincidence which mom comes to know through the letters to her and she plays her part to ensure Jervie and Judy get enough opportunities to meet.

Two pages that I liked the most:

daddy long legs

daddy long legs