1. Read 11 books.
2. Blessed with a baby.
3. Got to visit two new countries.
Hull, England

Sri Lankasri lanka 4. Work is good.

I thank God for providing for all our needs.

1. Lost a family member to cancer.

Good choices/resolutions:
1. Less sugar.
2. No internet on mobile between 8 PM and 8 AM. This was the main reason I was able to read 11 books this year (actually just 8 months)

The Munias are flying

We hosted a Spotted Munia couple a couple of months back. You might have heard the recording of the chirping hatchlings that I posted a week back. The hatchlings have started flying around now. I have spotted two hatchlings now but I think there is more to come.

The parent has brown spots on its underside, whereas the young ones’ underside is plain light brown.



That’s the whole family of 4.

spotted munia and small ones

HDFC being human

HDFC bank

I’m sure you must have spotted long queues outside certain outlets. More often the queues even extend to the footpath outside these outlets. This is no thanksgiving sale or iPhone fans camping outside the Apple stores. This is the queue to exchange the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes after these were banned by the Government.

I spotted one those queues today, but what made me take notice is that this HDFC bank has provided shade to the their customers. That shows how much they value their customers and their willingness to go the extra mile.

HDFC bank

Proud to say that’s the bank I bank with.